Our story

Fun on first sight!

Dating apps are time consuming and superficial. Old fashioned speed dating feels cold and industrious. We need to go back to how we met people when we were six years old. We were just there in the sandbox, playing, having fun and before we knew it, we had a new girl/boyfriend without even feeling like we put in any effort. That’s the vibe we aim to recreate at an Update evening – effortless fun on first sight!

We are two brothers that noticed that many young people don’t necessarily look for the love of their life. They want to have fun and meet people on the way, while at the same time have the opportunity to really get to know the other person and create a genuine connection.

Are you ready to come out and play?

(and laugh, and connect, and have a great evening, and have more fun than your friends that stayed at home ;))

Bart & Pieter


Organise as many Update Events as possible to give people the chance to play like a kid and connect like a boss


Bring more playfulness and connection into the world!