How does it work?

You go to the secret Update location of the night where you will be welcomed by your two hosts of the evening. Small warning: they are crazy, but at least they will give you a token to obtain your first free drink of the evening. Also, they will hand you your “Fan card”, on which you can tick off who you might like to see again after this evening.

Now you can make yourself at home and chat a bit with the other heroes that have made it out of their house this evening.

To warm you up socially we will kick of the night with a fun group activity that will warm you up to be your most charming/ attractive/ funny self.

Then we will take you back to your childhood and have you play the most fun games of your youth. If you win the game – or have played enough – you can ask the other person a question. No inspiration? There are question cards scattered around the tables that will help you to have a different conversation than usually when you first meet people.

After seven minutes the light on your table will flash, telling you it’s time to exchange one last playful/ flirtatious look before you move on to the next table. Don’t forget to fill in your Fan Card!


After your crazy hosts think you have played enough, they will call for a break. You can go for a drink, talk with the people you liked most, or of course take revenge on that hottie that beat you at that stupid fish game!

Before the second part of the evening starts, we will do where good hosts are famous for. We will energise you and remind you that you shouldn’t take life so serious!

After the second half, you hand in you Fan Cards and get another token for your last free drink of the evening. You can then go home, or of course enjoy your last drink while you chat a bit more with your favourite players.

We hope you go home (at whatever time you choose to) with a big smile on your face as you think of all the fun you had!

The next day you will receive an email telling you how many new fans you made tonight. Akso, you will find the contact details of the people with whom you had a mutual “fanship”!